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New Healthy Smoothies

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We're introducing some new Smoothies to replace some of the ones that are no longer available.

Jungle Juice and Snow Berry are not available any more, although we do still have some Snowberry left – so hurry!

On Friday we will have a new Smoothie called Mega Cherry this has a rich and tasty blend of Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Fig & Flax Seed – lots of great ingredients that will give you a great lift during the day.

The fig tree is a member of mulberry family. Figs contain a wealth of beneficial nutrients and the health benefits come from the presence of minerals, vitamins and fibre contained in the fruit.

Flaxseed is a tiny seed that was cultivated in early Babylon and so has been around for centuries. It's a powerful plant food and there’s some evidence that it may help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes.

From July we will have another new Smoothie called Super Green – a rejuvenating powerful mix of Spinach, Lime, Avocado, Apple, Basil & Spirulina giving a wonderful boost to your day.

Spirulina is full of nutrients that can have powerful effects on your body and brain and experts says it's really good for you. See this link to read about the great health benefits of spirulina – 


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New Loyalty Cards


The coffee and smoothie bar has more and more regular people coming in to sample freshly ground coffee and a variety of smoothies and milkshakes. The loyalty cards seem to be popular – it would be interesting to know from you how you feel these are working.

We're introducing a brand new Loyalty card just for Smoothies and Milkshakes – they will be obtainable from 1st October and will only be during the month of October, so don't forget to come in during October to get one!

Hope to see you in October, if not before!

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